Phil & Teds Escape Baby Carrier

Charcoal ,
We wanna be the brand of first choice for parents who wanna live a dynamic life with kids! We promise ultra adaptable products that ensure parents can retain their ''sense of self'' and ''adapt and survive'' the ''crazy'' world of parenting!
  • Material: Aluminum
  • More features than a craggy face. Designed for maximum child and parent comfort: escape to the back of beyond
  • Intelligent design: Feather light and compact exo-skeletal structure: pack more into your escape plan
  • Tackle all the elements with rugged wearing, rip-stop materials
  • Self-sprung quick fold base for stable set-down
  • Drink bladder compatible sleeve and slide-adjust chest strap for maximum comfort no matter what your size
  • 3 months to 3 years: for explorers through the ages
  • Intelligent comfort: Ergonomic, adjustable adult harness, back length and hip belt
  • Insanely adjustable child seat with fully adjustable padded harness and neck support
  • Sun hood with removable wind / rain cover