Physicians Formula Eye Enhancing Shimmer Strips Shadow & Liner Candy Collection

Brown Eye Candy 7370 ,
Green Eye Candy ,
Hazel Eye Candy 7373
Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Enhances Brown Eyes with 3 Candy Trios 3 x 3 = Endless Possibilities: Natural, Playful, Dramatic Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner 3 Trios = 3 Delicious Looks, Wet & Dry = 2 Finishes, Shadows & Liners = Customized Glamour Mouth-Watering Eye Candy Comhinations! A delicious palette of browns, from soft to bright and cool to warm to enhance your eye color. Indulge your color craving with the eye candy shade in the center. 3 x 3 = Endless Possibilities! Three blendable trios perfectly paired to color, contour and line your eyes for illuminating, high impact. Trio #1 Natural Trio #2 Playful Trio #3 Dramatic High-Performance Formula Wet & Dry application for two finishes: Wet for dramatic, intense color with ultra long-lasting wear. Transforms shadow into a liner. Dry for a softer result. 9 Shades = 18 Custom Shades 3 Trios x2 Finishes = 6 Custom Looks 3 Liners = 6 Custom Liners Professionally Customized Glamour Make-up artist selected shades enhance your natural eye color. Unique, angled pro-sponge applicator allows for perfect blending and precise lining: Tip for lining; Slanted top for applying contour color; Flat side for applying color all over lid. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Dermatologist approved. Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. For information in the USA
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