Physicians Formula Ultra-Rich Restoring Day & Night Cream

1.0 oz. 
New! For Intense Dryness Your Skin. Our Passion. We Promise. Clinically Proven Visible Results* 90% Agreed that their skin felt younger instantly. 86% Agreed skin Felt firmer instantly. 83% Saw brighter skin instantly. 79% Felt the improvements in their skin helped improve their mood instantly. 100% Felt skin was moisturized & comfortable instantly. 97% Felt facial dryness was eliminated after 1 week. 79% Saw less visible fine lines after 3 weeks. 72% Saw less visible deep wrinkles after 3 weeks. 90% Saw increased skin elasticity in 4 weeks. 72% Saw less visible lines around the eyes (crow's feet) after 1 week. 86% Saw less visible lines around the eyes (crow's feet) after 2 weeks. Physicians Formula® Care was developed utilizing potent cosmeceutical ingredients to help solve your most common skin concerns. Every product is clinically tested to deliver high performance and visible results without a prescription. Skin Concern: Hormonal Aging Menopause This systems addresses the gradual aging effect that happens prior to, during and post-menopause. Formulated with Hormone-mimicking technology and Neurocosmeceutical ingredients designed to address the physical & psychological effects of hormonal changes - and even deliver a mood boosting effect. These products address the most common signs of hormonal aging: Loss of elasticity and sagging, thinning skin, intense dryness, loss of skin's natural radiance and dark spots. Look & Feel up to 10 Years Younger in 4 Weeks* Ultra-concentrated cream delivers instant moisture and comfort to intensely dry skin. Continuously replenishes moisture levels and enhances skin's ability to retain hydration for long-term results. Deeply moisturizing formula helps restore suppleness, strength and elasticity. Plumps dehydrated skin to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Works day and night to restore the look and feel of youth. 3 Out of 4 Women Agree: "My Skin Feels the Way it Did Before Menopause*." Formula Rx421 | Neurocosmeceutical Ingredients: 5.0 Phytoestrogen Complex ~ Specifically designed for the skin of mature women, helps to improve skin elasticity and firmness through hydration, while visibly improving the appearance of wrinkles. 3.0% MenoRestore Peptide™ ~ Rich in oligopeptides, helps combat the visible signs of stress-induced aging to restore a more youthful appearance. 3.0% ElastinMoisture Extract™ ~ Helps compensate for the deprivation of estrogen, by increasing moisturization insanity and over time. 1.0% Happybelle ~ Phyto-endorphin complex helps improve skin hydration, firmness and can provide a sense of well-being. Clinically Tested. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist Tested. 100% Paraben Free. 100% Gluten Free.
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