Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Spotless Powder SPF 15 Translucent

Reduce The Appearance of Spots 67%* Look up to 10 years younger instantly* Instant spotless coverage Broad spectrum sunscreen 12 Hour wear Mirror & brush included Say Goodbye to Spots! Skin-protecting and brightening powder effectively even outs skin tone. Works to extend the wear of foundation so your complexion remains flawless. Powerful, brightening cosmeceutical ingredients help improve the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and sun spots instantly and over time. Formulated with Spotless Technology, clinically proven to erase the look of up to 20 years of natural skin darkening. Broad spectrum SPF 15 protects skin and helps to prevent new spots or discoloration from developing. Proven Visible Results!** 100% Saw brighter and more even skin instantly. 90% Saw less visible sun damage in 2 weeks. 100% Saw significantly lighter dark spots in 3 weeks and less dark spots overall in 4 weeks. 100% Saw less fine lines and deep wrinkles in 3 weeks. Hypoallergenic. Paraben free. Gluten free. Dermatologist approved. Non-comedogenic. Clinically tested. For more information:
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