Pottery Barn Homescent Collection - Tomato Vine

Featuring a fragrance of Spanish moss, eucalyptus, sweetgrass, fig and tomato leaf, our Homescent Collection comes specially packaged to create a welcome holiday gift.
  • Tin Candle Pot: 4" diameter, 225" high
  • Glass Candle Pot: 3" diameter, 35" high
  • Mini Diffuser: 3 ounces
  • Square Diffuser: 975 ounces
  • Potpourri: 7 ounces Tin Candle Pot is made of tin with a printed lid and solid base
  • Glass Candle Pot is made of molded glass filled with scented paraffin wax
  • Mini Diffuser includes 3 ounces of fragrant oil with eight diffuser sticks
  • Square Diffuser includes 975 ounces of fragrant oil with twelve diffuser sticks
  • Potpourri ingredients: brownie sticks, Spanish moss, quinoa leaves, Eucalyptus bells
  • Tomato Vine fragrance notes: Ivy leaf, sweetgrass, green fig, avocado, tomato leaf, fresh moss
SALE $8.99–22.99
Pottery Barn
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