Progressive Tomato & Onion Keeper Set

set of 2
Airtight storage containers keep odors contained and retain fresh flavor longer. Airtight lids on these onion and tomato keepers lock shut to preserve distinctively-fresh flavor, prevent transfer of odors and premature spoilage. Unlock with a simple twist to remove onion or tomato. Easy to identify in the refrigerator, clear domed lids fit the natural round shapes of onion bulb and tomato, ensuring a tight-fitting seal. Reverse lid and use as the base to store chopped or sliced onion or tomato. Stackable design with flat-top lids and bases save refrigerator space. Color-coded for efficient storage. Dishwasher-safe. Progressive International develops timesaving innovations for food preservation and kitchen prep. A dedicated team of professionals turns practical kitchen ideas into functional solutions. Progressive tools and organizers make cooking and storage more efficient for the home gourmet and professional chef.
  • Airtight lids lock shut to keep onion and tomato fresh longer, prevent transfer of odor and premature spoilage
  • Keep onion and tomato fresh longer and quickly identify contents in the refrigerator with clear lids and color-coded bases
  • Unlock lids with a simple twist
  • Domed lids fit the natural roundness of onion and tomato
  • Reverse containers to store chopped onions or tomatoes
  • Stackable design with flat-top lids and bases saves space
  • Progressive International develops timesaving, innovative tools, accessories and organizers to make cooking and storage more efficient in the kitchen