Rosle Stainless-Steel Charcoal Chimney

An easy, chemical-free method for lighting charcoal, this chimney starter is a favorite of grill masters in the know. Simply place crumpled newspaper or a paraffin fire-starter in the bottom of the chimney, fill with charcoal and set on your grill. Light the fire through the holes at the base of the chimney and you'll have hot, ready-to-cook coals within 15 minutes—no need for lighter fluid or charcoal briquettes with chemical additives. Constructed from durable stainless steel. Manufacturer: Rösle Material: Stainless steel Care: Hand wash only Use: Chimney will become hot with use—always use care and wear proper protective gear when handling hot objects. Dimensions: 13.3" x 71⁄2" x 12.6" Warranty: Lifetime warranty
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