rsvp Endurance Oval Measuring Scoops

1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup, set of 3 
Easily measure ingredients with durable, unbendable stainless-steel scoops. Scoop and measure sugar, flour or dry ingredients in bulk quantities. Convenience of a rounded-scoop design calibrated to exacting measure simplifies prep. Long handles to comfortably reach to the bottom of canisters, bags or bins. Ideal to measure legumes, rice or nuts. Rustproof to scoop ice cubes for beverages or to chill platters. Ideal to use beyond the kitchen to portion dog food, scoop birdseed and fill feeders or add potting soil to planters. Hands stay clean. Durable and unbendable stainless-steel. Nest to store
SALE $8.95–29.95