Schneider Forest Chalet Wall Clock

Product Q&A Shipping & Returns This exquisite Black Forest chalet cuckoo clock features intricately carved beer drinkers, a kissing couple, wooden dancers and water wheel that come to life when the cuckoo calls and the bell strikes. At the top of every half hour, the animated figures move to two beautiful thirty-six note Swiss melodies. With its antique brown and accent colors, this clock is sure to complement every home and add charm to any space. The cuckoo operates on 8-day movement and must be wound weekly. This clock is equipped with automatic night shut-off as well.
  • Animated beer drinkers
  • Kissing couple
  • Dancing figurines
  • Turning water wheel
  • Ringing bell
  • Hand-carved deer, duck and dog
  • Hand spliced shingle roof
  • Two Swiss melodies
  • Wooden hands and dial
  • Automatic night time shut-off feature
  • 8-Day movement with strike and cuckoo call on every half hour
  • Service friendly with reliable, quality-oriented construction
  • Antique brown with accent colors