Shun Premier 8" Chef's Knife

Stainless Steel
The perfect length for slicing, dicing and chopping; this all-purpose knife will be indispensable to your daily food preparation. Wide blade keeps knuckles away from cutting board and helps transfer food from cutting board to pan. Curved belly allows gentle rocking through fresh herbs and spices for an extra-fine mince. Blade made of VG10 steel, clad with 32 layers of stainless Damascus and beveled for lateral stability and precision. The hammered 'tsuchime' finish acts like hollow-ground cavities to reduce drag. A wavy line where the two steels meet, called the hamon, resembles the line formed when natural samurai swords are tempered with traditional clay-baking technique. Contoured walnut PakkaWood handle looks elegant and feels comfortable in hand. The embossed Shun end cap adds balance and beauty. Hand wash with gentle dish soap that contains no bleach or citrus extracts, towel dry. Made in Japan. Blade length: 8.
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