Silk'N Flash & Go Value Set- A Exclusive!

Simply put, the Silkn Flash&Go upgradeable cartridge with 120,000 pulses is the last hair removal cartridge you'll ever need. Using FDA-cleared technology, the Silk'n Flash&Go quickly and easily eliminates hair permanently. And with an amazing 120,000 flashes, it's a true lifetime solution for hair removal! Especially useful for treating sensitive areas (bikini line) or smaller, targeted zones (underarms). How it works: Flash&Go uses highly sophisticated Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology to safely and effectively provide proven long-term hair removal results. The Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology in the device has been designed to capture all the clinical benefits of pulsed light for hair removal at home. A unique skin color sensor is built into the Flash&Go to measure the treated skin complexion at the beginning of each session and occasionally during the session. The skin color sensor ensures that pulses will only be emitted on suitable skin tones. As with professional laser treatments, a series of treatments are required to clear an area of unwanted hair. Removes unwanted hair with permanent results. Easy and safe to use. Silk'n Flash&Go Upgradeable Cartridge is great for sharing. No more waxing, shaving or plucking, say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn! FDA and Health Canada cleared. This kit includes:
  • 1.) An upgradable cartridge containing 120,000 pulses, that is a lifetime of pulses!
  • 2.) HydraMist Spray - uses a blend of nutrient rich minerals to sooth and replenish moisture in the skin, creating a silky soft feel. Great for using after hair removal treatment.
  • 3.) Silk'n Valour Travel Bag is perfect for keeping Silk'n products safe and for keeping everything together.
  • Dark or tanned skin - the light will not detect the difference between skin and hair pigment, therefore it will not flash and treatment will not be effective.
  • londe, grey or white hair - these individuals lack pigment in their hair and are not candidates for treatment.
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