Slamp Medusa Wall Sconce

D12-3001 - BLACK ,
D12-3002 - BLUE-GEL
Made in Italy, by Slamp for Zaneen The Beauties- These are the pieces that are perfect to grace the living room; they bring a bit of class along with character. The Medusa Wall Sconce adds a touch of opulence to any simple space. Made of Opalflex® and Cristalflex® . Available in black or blue-gel. Opalflex® : SLAMP lamps are made of this exclusive patented and recyclable material. It is luminous and attractive like glass while being versatile and resistant like plastic; it is patented and exclusively produced for SLAMP. Opalflex is an original mixture of polymers and particular additives with unique light diffusion properties. Cristalflex® : A transparent material developed and produced by Bayer Vivak. Brilliant like glass, light and versatile as only modern materials can be. Material: Opalflex Cristalflex Dimensions: 13.8"L X 25.6"W X 22"H Lamp Type: FLUORESCENT Bulbs: 1 X 20W 120V E26fluorescent lamp
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