Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Hair Tamer Kit Super

A gentler, more manageable approach to taming your curls and frizz than relaxing. Keratin 4 + aloe breakthrough chemistry offers lasting versatility, giving you the keratin power to choose whether you want to wear hair styled straight or "wash & go" manageable curls after one use. Transforms hair with up to 5X less damage than relaxers and *lasts up to 6 weeks on treated growth (or 5 washes). This treatment is a gentle, semi-permanent taming product that won't damage hair structure by breaking hair bonds the way other permanent chemical treatments do, and will have a gradual and cumulative effect the more you use it. Great for root touch ups (not a root straightener) or taming in between relaxer use.
  • Proven suitable to use on previously relaxed hair*
  • Easy to style to straight look
*This product is not a relaxer. For best results, follow the strand test instructions before application. Contains:
  • Protein smoothing treatment
  • Neutralizing milk
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