Solutions That Stick L-straps: iron-on bra bling, smoky gray 1 ea

clear iridescent, gold, red, smoky gray 
Gray Bra straps are like Rush Limbaugh: not very attractive and prone to making public statements at inconvenient times. While there is no magic solution to turn Rush into Gwynneth Paltrow, there is a new product to Gwynneth-ize bra straps: L-straps iron-on bra bling. Made of genuine Swarovski crystals, L-straps come in strips that are easily and permanently affixed to bra straps in about a minute per strap. Just lay the strip on an ironing board, place a bra strap on top, set a preheated iron on top for 10-15 seconds, and Bra-la! Nothing quite shines like beautiful Swarovski crystals that catch the light with each slight movement. Made in Austria, L-straps iron-on bra bling is a joint venture between L-straps and Solutions That Stick.
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