Staub Round Cocotte, 7 quart

The secret to tender, juicy, meats, entrees and stews rich with flavor is the self-basting lid on this cast-iron, 7-quart round Dutch oven. Spikes on the underside of the lid continuously self baste meats, entrees and stews, ensuring rich and tender juicy flavor. Unique self-basting system is the culinary advantage to professionally-cooked meals. Rain forest effect continuously showers juices, maintaining moistness of foods. Circulation of juices and even heat distribution allow even roasting of poultry, beef tenderloin and pork. Vegetables cook to delicious al dente texture. Staub self-basting cycle also allows food to maintain full flavor, while preserving nutrients. Black enamel interior is a superior cooking environment for nonstick braising and caramelizing. Performs better with use, seasoning naturally, without maintenance. Crafted to exacting standards, the iron is cast in a single-use mold, high-fired at 1,400 F, with 2-3 separate coats of enamel. Durable enamel is scratch-resistant. Will not chip, discolor or rust. Suitable for all cooktops, including induction. Crafted in Alsace, France, utilizing traditional casting methods and adhering to stringent standards of quality
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