Sur La Table Demeyere® Atlantis Saucepans

1 qt., 2.3 qt. 
Displaying the best in both design and performance, Demeyere Atlantis saucepans feature an InductoSeal® base that combines silver and a 2mm disc of copper hermetically sealed in an 18/10 stainless steel TriplInduc® base that's laser-welded to the pan. The combining of these two unique technologies ensures optimal heat distribution throughout the entire base, and provides a heat-conducting surface 33% larger than traditional pans. Heat, aroma and steam stay inside pan during cooking, as well. Also features satin-polish Silvinox® finish and stainless steel Coolcast® handles. Manufacturer: Demeyere Care: Dishwasher safe Use: Safe for use on any cooking surface; safe for oven and broiler Capacity: 1 qt. and 21⁄4 qt. Dimensions: 1 qt: 51⁄2" diameter; 21⁄4 qt.: 7" diameter Material: 18/10 stainless steel Warranty: 30-year warranty (10 for professional use) Model: 1 qt.: #41414;; 21⁄4 qt.: #41418
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