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Looking for a healthy alternative to traditional cooking methods? Want to know a secret to perfect flavor every time? We are very excited to offer you the world's first water oven for the home. Celebrated by chefs from Heston Blumenthal to Thomas Keller, cooking sous vide calls for slowly heating vacuum-sealed food in a water oven at low temperatures, locking in natural juices and flavors lost with other methods. Fish, meat, poultry, vegetables and more can cook for hours, even days, with stunning results every time. Just season, seal, simmer and serve. Simply add water, adjust the temperature and let the SousVide Supreme do the work. The product of decades of refinement by top chefs, the SousVide Supreme oven cooks sealed food at precise preset temperatures for amazingly even and consistent cooking, and surprisingly wonderful flavors. Vacuum-sealed food loses virtually none of its flavor or nutrients during cooking, and the pressure encourages flash marinating, naturally enhancing the delicious tastes and aromas of the food with little added seasoning. Plus, there is no need to stir or monitor temperature—the SousVide Supreme precisely regulates everything to keep the water within one degree of accuracy, start to finish, and requires almost no cleaning. Features durable stainless-steel construction and simple touchpad control. 111⁄2" x 141⁄4" x 111⁄2". You will also need a vacuum sealer as part of your preparation. Discover how SousVide Supreme system makes sous vide cooking easy: Click for videos » EASY TO USE Set the temperature on the control panel and let it do the cooking. COMPACT It's almost the size of your average bread maker, which makes it considerable smaller than many sous vide methods. Counter-worthy style is attractive, modern and will look handsome in your kitchen. QUIET OPERATION WITH NO STEAM Food quietly cooks in the self-contained unit with a lid to contain the steam. AFFORDABLE Home chefs to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful way to cook at a fraction of the cost of other sous vide devices, such as immersion circulators. EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN There's virtually no clean up required with the unit. Each unit is hand-calibrated at the factory, with no need for re-calibration by the cook. PRODUCES PERFECTLY COOKED FOOD It's almost impossible to overcook food, and thanks to the science and technology of this unit, meat is prevented from ever drying out, no matter how long it's been cooking. ONE POT MEALS You can easily fix up delicious one-pot meals—meat and vegetables can be cooked together, a great timesaving feature. CHOOSE YOUR MEAT TEMPERATURE This sous vide cooker allows you to specify the desired doneness of meat, whether its rare medium rare, medium or well done. TENDER, CRISP VEGETABLES Cook vegetables as you desire and the way they're most delicious: tender, crisp and with vibrant color. THE MEANING OF SOUS VIDE The term sous vide (pronounced soo-veed) is a French term, meaning under vacuum. Sous vide is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. This cooking technique typically involves cooking food for longer periods of time at a lower temperature. The precise temperature control allows you to cook food to perfection, while the forgiving nature of this cooking method also eliminates concerns about overcooking. Sous vide cooking is extremely simple and fool-proof, and produces extraordinary results. A BRIEF HISTORY This method of cooking was developed in the mid-1970s by chef Georges Pralus (at the internationally renowned Michelin Three-Star Restaurant, Troisgros, in Roanne, France) initially as a means of minimizing costly shrinkage of and optimally cooking delicate foie gras. Chef Bruno Goussault subsequently adopted and expanded the technique to consistently provide gourmet-quality meals to first class travelers on Air France. In the last two decades, sous vide cooking has sparked a wave of culinary innovation and creativity, and has become the secret of top chefs at major restaurants around t
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