Sur La Table Sushi Gift Set

The perfect gift for lovers of Japanese cuisine, our Sushi Gift Set contains everything your favorite cook needs to enjoy healthy and tasty sushi dishes at home—except for the fish, of course! Gift set includes: Lékué Sushi Mat This silicone makisu, or sushi mat, offers innovative properties that traditional wooden and string mats can't match. Since there aren't spaces in which food can accumulate, this mat is much more hygienic. The nonstick difference can be used with or without nori, and it won't retain odors or flavors. Dishwasher safe. 91⁄2" x 8". Manufactured in Spain, assembled in China. Matsuri Premium Sushi Rice, 4.4 lb. This premium short-grain rice is plump and sticky when steamed—perfect for sushi. Product of Japan. Simple Sushi Cookbook Inspired by the cuisines of Japan, China and Southeast Asia, Simple Sushi shows how easy it is to prepare dishes for every occasion, whether it's rolling sushi for a tasty lunchbox or elegant sharing platter or whipping up a noodle broth or crispy salad for a quick weekday supper. Flip through these pages and you'll quickly find that those nutritious little packages of rice are not nearly as tricky to prepare as you might expect. Learn the simple techniques for sushi rolls, nigiri and battera—perfect squares of fresh salmon or mackerel and rice—along with star- and flower-shaped sushi that kids will love. Also contains recipes for delicious one-pot soups and noodle bowls as well as traditional garnishes such as pickled ginger and wasabi. Hardcover: 128 pages. Twisted Bamboo Chopsticks, Set of 5 Pairs These twisted bamboo chopsticks make a handsome addition to any table. Pair with our chopstick rests to create an attractive place setting that suits your style. Hand wash only. 9".
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