Sur La Table Zwiesel 1872 Gusto Light-Bodied Red Wine Glass

From acclaimed glassmaker Schott Zwiesel, this premium line of glassware is designed for the wine connoisseur with a passion for the finest things. Each glass is mouth-blown and handcrafted in a timeless design for full appreciation of your wine's color, aroma and flavor, making every occasion a special one. By replacing the lead in traditional crystal with titanium, Schott Zwiesel has created the strongest, clearest, most brilliant crystal glass available today. This elegant addition to any bar will retain its clarity and luster for the life of the glass. For the Gusto collection, slender stems taper gently at the ends to complement the elegantly oversized bowls, creating a naturally comfortable-to-hold glass. With reinforcement at the rim and both ends of the stem (where it meets the foot and the bowl), the light-bodied red wine glass is ideal for Chianti, Valpolicella, Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Cotes du Rhone and more. 22.7 oz. Hand wash.
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