T3 Tourmaline T3 Source Hand-Held Filter Bath and Body Skincare

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Incredibly soft, healthy hair is now only a shower away with this T3 Source Hand-Held Filter. Please note, this filter can only be used with the T3 Hand-Held Shower Head. Regular household water often contains high levels of chlorine that damage the appearance and health of hair. And washing your hair frequently increases your exposure to chlorine. Through a chemical filtration process known as Redox, the T3 Source Shower Filter transforms chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin. Copper, Zinc, and Calcium work together to convert and remove free-chlorine and other chlorine types. This filter is clinically proven to make your hair more beautiful, enhance the vibrancy and retention of hair color, and makes skin noticeably softer and smoother. Tourmaline produces negative ions and reduces water cluster size, which improves filtration as well as help to pH balance the water. To use: To ensure your filtration unit is operating at peak performance, replace the filter every 3,000 gallons (3-4 months) or when the color indicator turns black. Reverse the filter monthly for best results.
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