Thomas O'Brien Red Wine Glass

Thomas O'Brien Red Wine Glass: The crystal stemware for this group conveys a gracious, romantic feel, with wider, rounder silhouettes than any other profile. Lovely tulip-shaped bowls and a looping, cursive cut pattern are inspired by a set of vintage 1950's colored glass one of O'Brien's favorite forms. The deeply articulated stems feature a finial-like finger rest, a fine American detail dating to glasses from colonial Williamsburg and earlier. Since his arrival on the New York design stage, O'Brien has been widely recognized for his trademark style of "warm modernism," bringing vanguard mid-century forms and furnishings into a context of classic comfort. In both interiors and products, his firm promotes understated elegance with a pulse on tradition, deploying pairings of old and new, sophisticated and simple, to create a style that feels at once refined and familiar.
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