Toms Earthwise cranberry bimini youth vegan classics

Y12, Y12.5, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 
A new color for our animal and planet-friendly Earthwise collection! The bold stitching is more than just decoration – the drawstring collar at the heel can tighten the fit around the ankle. TOMS Earthwise Sustainable: We designate shoes as Earthwise or Sustainable when they integrate materials whose growth, recycle and/or manufacture provides a gentler environmental footprint. These materials include organic cotton, recycled PET (from plastic bottles), hemp and blends of these materials.
  • Vegan friendly, using no animal products
  • Uppers are a blend of hemp and recycled polyester
  • Canvas insole with cushion for comfort
  • TOMS elastic V for easy on and off
  • Higher-walled cupsole for added durability
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