Ulta Topganics Argan Oil from Morocco Hair Mask

Topganics hair treatment series based on ancient recipes originally blended and mixed by hand as home remedies by the apothecaries catering to the royal and elite class of the time.  These precious synergies were then passed down from one generation to the next. Hairganic products are infused with authentic natural oils and pure extracts, and provide a natural answer to help protect, nourish and shiny head or hair. All while protecting your hair from chemicals process, daily hairdryer usage, hot tools, environment pollution, free radicals and split ends. Argan oil from Morocco provides complete nourishment to the hair.  It moisturizes and softens the hair for easy manageability. You can style your hair with this non greasy oil for a frizzless, smooth, shiny and beautifully healthy hair. Enjoy the fresh clean scent of the Argan oil from Morocco throughout the day. (3.4 oz.)