Vidal Sassoon Sure Grip Up-Do Clip

Instant Up-Do's Creates Messy, Textured Up-Do's Salon Styling at Home For decades, Vidal Sassoon has been the salon lease, fusing artistry and innovative technology for Salon Styling at Home®. Vidal Sassoon is also one of the most trusted name in the industry, known for excellent product performance and quality. 3 Pieces How to Create the Look: Gather hair into a ponytail at the back of the head with braided elastic provided, Hold ponytail up and insert Up-Do Clip™ into the base of the ponytail, where the braided elastic is located. Gently work it back and forth, anchoring it in you hair. Once secure, pull a portion of your hair through the center of the Up-Do Clip™. Back comb the small section of hair that you pulled through to hid the Up-Do Clip™. Take small sections of the hair that you did not pull through the clip, and hook them under the hooks on the outside of the Up-Do Clip™ to make it unseen in the hair. © Helen of Troy
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