Whitmor 6021-185 Ebony Chrome 4-Tier Folding Skirt Hanger


Whitmor's Ebony Chrome hangers are a perfect way to stay organized and keep your clothing looking great for longer. The4-Tier Folding Skirt Hanger can store up to 4 skirts per hanger. The easy to use pinch grip clamps securely hold your garments and can accommodate bulkier items as well. Whitmor's Deluxe Swing Arm Slack Hanger bars swing open for easy access to pants and slacks. It easily holds 5 pair of slacks. They are both great space saving ideas for the closet.

  • Deluxe Swing Arm Slack Hanger: 16" x 17.5"

  • 4-Tier Folding Skirt Hanger: 14" x 15"

  • Material: Chromed Steel & Vinyl