Wicked Crown Hair Color Chalks Temporary Hair Color 12 Piece Set

Rule over your look with Wicked Crown™ Hair Color Chalks. Vibrant "Crown Jewel" Colors Fast and Easy Application Colors can be Used Alone or Together One Application Lasts Up to 5 Washes Wicked Crown Hair Color Chalks allow you to create a variety of temporary effects in your hair—at your every whim. Try a few strategically placed splices, or choose a dip-dyed or multi-colored look—you are in total control. Wicked Crown chalks give you absolute power over your hair color. Made in China Protect your clothes and use disposable gloves when applying color. Select a small section of hair and spray with water. Apply chalk in downward strokes. Removal: To remove, wash and condition hair as usual. Color lasts up to 5 washes. Tips: Broken chalk will still provide wicked, eye-catching results. For more vibrant color, twist your hair in small strands before color application. To set in color, allow the hair to dry naturally. Seal color with a curling wand. ©Chrislie Formulations
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