Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch® Nonstick 15-Piece Bakeware Set

These signature pans offer superb performance and feature our Goldtouch dual-layer nonstick coating, designed to release food effortlessly. The pans are constructed with a ceramic-reinforcement that is bonded to the metal surface and coated with a nonstick layer that won't scratch, stain or wear away, which also makes the bakeware easy to clean.
  • Commercial-grade aluminized steel distributes heat quickly and evenly for consistent baking results.
  • The ceramic-reinforced Goldtouch coating is more resistant to abrasion than typical nonstick surfaces and releases food with ease.
  • The pieces won't corrode, scratch, rust or stain, even with heavy use.
  • Coated wire reinforcement along the rim of the loaf, half-sheet and quarter-sheet pans maximize durability and resistance to rust and warping.
  • Cookie sheets' angled side provides a good grip when you're removing the pans from the oven; the longer sides are flat so cookies slide right off.
  • Unique diamond-textured surface strengthens sheet pans while increasing airflow for even baking.
  • Loaf pan's folded construction enhances its strength and durability.
  • Extended edge on muffin pans provides a secure grip, making it easy to transfer the pans to and from the oven.
  • Extra-thick rolled edge of cake pans ensures maximum durability and warp resistance.
  • Straight side guarantees uniform, professional-looking cakes for easy layering.
  • Cooling rack is made of durable steel.
  • Made exclusively for us by a 50-year-old American company, North America's only manufacturer of commercial bakeware.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Set includes:
  • 1-lb. loaf pan.
  • One 9" x 13" rectangular cake pans.
  • Two 9" round cake pans.
  • 2 cookie sheets.
  • 2 half sheet pans.
  • 2 quarter sheet pans.
  • 12-well muffin pan.
  • 24-well mini-muffin pan.
  • 9"-diam. pie dish.
  • 2 cooling racks.
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