Williams-Sonoma Moul'flex Canelle Silicone Mold

A centuries-old specialty of France's Bordeaux region, petite cakes called cannelés derive their name from the French word for "fluted." Today, it's easy to bake cannelés at home using this nonstick silicone mold. The flexible mold conducts heat flawlessly, producing richly browned cakes with crusty, caramelized exteriors and soft, tender centers.
  • Flexible, nonstick silicone mold releases your cannelés instantly, with fluted detailing intact.
  • Ideal for everything from baking sweet or savory specialties to molding chilled or frozen desserts.
  • Silicone conducts heat efficiently for uniform baking and browning – ;with no hot spots.
  • Withstands temperatures from from -40°F to 530°F.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Makes nine 2" diam. cannelés.
  • Made in France by Moul'flex – ;the top choice of pastry chefs worldwide.