Wine Rack - 8 Bottle - Bead Blasted - Green

18 " x 2.25 " x 3.5 " 
The Wine Rack is crafted using only the finest materials, with robotic precision. We offer these functional pieces of art in various colors and finishes. We have 8 anodized metal colors to choose from. These anodized colors are not paint or powder-coat, they are a chemical bath that colorizes the metal itself leaving you with a permanent finish that will not chip off or fade over time.Features: Aluminum, flat bead blasted finish Houses 8 bottles of wine State of the are design Bright anodized colors Color: GreenSize: 18 H x 2.25 W x 3.5 D ProductCharacteristics: Dimensions: 18 " x 2.25 " x 3.5 "
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