Wrangler Men's 20X No. 23 Relaxed Fit Jean

34W x 40L, 40W x 32L, 31W x 34L, 31W x 32L, 35W x 38L, 36W x 30L, 34W x 30L, 33W x 40L, 40W x 34L, 42W x 32L, 40W x 30L, 29W x 32L, 34W x 38L, 36W x 38L, 33W x 32L, 42W x 30L, 38W x 38L, 32W x 32L, 32W x 34L, 29W x 34L, 32W x 38L, 31W x 36L, 33W x 36L, 35W x 36L, 30W x 32L, 38W x 30L, 38W x 36L, 42W x 34L, 32W x 36L, 33W x 30L, 36W x 34L, 35W x 32L, 36W x 40L, 30W x 38L, 29W x 36L, 38W x 32L, 34W x 36L, 40W x 36L, 32W x 30L, 33W x 38L, 30W x 34L, 36W x 36L, 33W x 34L, 31W x 38L, 29W x 38L, 36W x 32L, 38W x 34L, 35W x 34L, 34W x 32L, 32W x 40L, 34W x 34L, 30W x 36L 
Five pocket styled 100 percent cotton denim relaxed for mobility in the seat, thigh, and knee, they sit below the waist, fit over the boots, all around, the best fit for your life, available in tall sizes
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