Wrangler Men's Big & Tall Rigid Premium Performance Cowboy Cut Regular Fit Jean

31W x 34L, 31W x 32L, 35W x 38L, 36W x 30L, 34W x 30L, 40W x 30L, 29W x 32L, 34W x 38L, 36W x 38L, 33W x 32L, 29W x 30L, 37W x 34L, 37W x 36L, 42W x 40L, 44W x 36L, 38W x 38L, 44W x 34L, 32W x 32L, 32W x 34L, 31W x 30L, 29W x 34L, 32W x 38L, 31W x 36L, 33W x 36L, 46W x 34L, 35W x 36L, 30W x 32L, 38W x 30L, 38W x 36L, 32W x 36L, 33W x 30L, 36W x 34L, 35W x 32L, 29W x 36L, 38W x 32L, 35W x 30L, 34W x 36L, 38W x 40L, 30W x 30L, 32W x 30L, 33W x 38L, 44W x 38L, 30W x 34L, 46W x 32L, 36W x 36L, 40W x 38L, 33W x 34L, 44W x 32L, 31W x 38L, 36W x 32L, 40W x 40L, 38W x 34L, 37W x 32L, 35W x 34L, 34W x 32L, 34W x 34L, 30W x 36L 
Regular fit jean features 20 percent longer lasting denim, a more comfortable waist, a functional watch pocket, regular seat and thigh, and smooth seams. Fits over boots
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