Wusthof 12-in. Classic Salmon Slicer

Sporting one of the longest blades in this category, this knife is the hands-down favorite for slicing smoked salmon, gravlax, and cured hams, such as prosciutto and Serrano. These richly flavored fish and meats are best savored when served in paper-thin slices, and that's the task this knife does so well. Its limber, 12-in. length can cross-slice thick or thin, broad or narrow fish and meat contours equally well, while its narrow hollow edge creates clean slices.Wusthof's newest state of the art technology incorporates a new computer controlled method for putting the edge on Classic knives. This technology allows for an exacting edge from the tip of the knife down to the heel of the knife. With this newer precision, the knives are made sharper to 14 degrees per side for a total of 28 degrees. The knives are now sharper and this refinement increases the sharpness retention because exacting angles and edges last longer than edges sharpened by hand. The result is a knife that is 30% sharper and the ICP (Initial Cutting Performance) lasts twice as long.
  • Cleaning & Care: Handwash with Mild Cleanser
  • Construction: Forged
  • Handle: traditional riveted
  • Material: High-Carbon, No Stain Steel
  • Model No.: 4543-7
  • Origin: Germany
  • Size: 12-in.
  • Warranty: Lifetime
$170 $129.95