Wusthof Classic 20-Piece Block Set

The complete cutting-edge cutlery set for precise, high-performance prep. 3 12" paring knife. 4 12" utility knife. 6" utility knife. 7" hollow-edge santoku. 8" chef's knife. 9" bread knife. 8" hollow-edge carving knife. 6" straight meat fork. 6" cleaver. 8, 4 12" steak knives. 9" sharpening steel. kitchen shears. 22-slot hardwood block
  • Product Features
Precision forged from one-piece of steel for outstanding sharpness and endurance• Precision hand-honed, high-carbon, stainless-steel knife resists rust and stains• Computer-controlled grinding and polishing yields precise tapering of blade• Laser-controlled blade edge stays sharp longer with a more consistent blade angle• Hygienic, seamless handle is buffed and polished by hand for a smooth, comfortable grip• Triple-compression rivets attach the high-impact handle securely to the full tang for superior strength and maneuverability• Inner ring anode safeguards rivets from rust• Signature bolsterfinger guard for solid balanced feel• 25-slot hardwood block
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