Wusthof Classic Citrus Knife, 4-1/2 inch

4 1/2" blade 
Quickly cut rind, segment citrus or peel fruit with this razor-sharp 4 12" citrus knife. Extra-sharp blade quickly cuts rind, segments citrus and peels fruits or vegetables. Wusthof's own precision-forged high-carbon stainless-steel retains a sharp edge longer. Slender blade maneuvers easily around contours of fruits or vegetables. Laser-controlled edge ensures a consistent blade angle. Essential cutlery tool to create garnishes for appetizers, entrees or desserts. Micro-serrated edge quickly penetrates thick rind or tough-skinned produce, easily starting the first cut. Cores apples or pears, slices nectarines, peaches or any soft fruit precisely. Wusthof signature bolster provides the balance to ensure effortless slicing. Full tang provides superior strength, balance and maneuverability. Ergonomic handle fits either hand for firm control. Triple-compression rivets with inner ring anodes safeguard from rust. Handmade in Germany since 1814, Wusthof cutlery is prized by the world's top chefs
$82 $64.95