Wusthof Classic Double Serrated Bread Knife, 9 inch

With a deeper scalloped edge and double serrations, this bread knife slices ultra-smoothly and precisely--retains an ultra-sharp edge. CHEFS introduces the bread knife that elevates prep to a higher level in the kitchen. Double serrations inside the scalloped edge of this Wusthof Classic bread knife cut so quickly and exactly, this is the knife that masters the art of precision slicing. Developed by the 7th generation owner of Wusthof, this double-serrated bread knife is the professional chef's must-have tool to slice large artisan breads, roasts, tomatoes and tough-skinned fruit exactly, with minimal pressure. The extra-deep scalloped edge and long length of this Classic 9" bread knife cuts thick rind of melons, ensuring a smooth clean cut the entire width of the melon. Interiors of bread, fruit, melons and roasts retain the perfect original upright shape for restaurant-quality presentation. The scalloped edge on this exclusive 9" bread knife never touches the cutting board, ensuring continuous high-volume performance, with a blade that never requires sharpening. Signature to the Wusthof cutlery is the precision bolster, allowing the heft and balance to perform quick, precise even cuts. Full tang on this exceptional bread knife is triple-riveted to the handle, ensuring superior strength and maneuverability. Inner ring anodes on Wusthof knives safeguard rivets from rust. Developed in partnership with CHEFS, this is the knife the professional chef requires in a well-equipped kitchen. Precision-forged high-carbon stainless-steel. Hand wash. 6"L blade. Made in Germany. Lifetime manufacturer warranty. Since 1814, knives bearing the Wusthof name and the Trident logo have been crafted in the world's "Cutlery Capital" of Solingen, Germany. Today, in a state-of-the-art facility, that tradition of quality is ensured as old-world craftsmanship meets 21st century production methods.
  • Deeper scalloped edge and double serrations on this premium forged knife slice ultra-smoothly and precisely
  • Developed by the 7th generation owner of Wusthof, this slicer is the professional chef's must-have tool to quickly slice hard- and soft crusted breads, roasts and fruits without crushing
  • Double serrations pierce thick-skinned vegetables and tough rind on melons with minimal pressure, leaving the fleshy interior intact
  • Wusthof signature bolster provides the heft and balance to ensure effortless slicing
  • Wusthof's own precision-forged high-carbon stainless-steel with full tang provides superior strength and maneuverability
  • With the wide blade, this bread knife slices larger artisan breads
  • Ergonomic, polypropylene handle fits either hand for firm control
  • Triple-compression rivets with inner ring anodes safeguard from rust
  • Handmade in Germany since 1814, Wusthof cutlery is prized by the world's top chefs
$140 $109.95