Wusthof Classic Multi-Prep Chef's Knife Set, 2 piece

2 pc set
With wide spine and agile, compact size, Wusthof Classic multi-prep chef's knife set is the cutting-edge in prep performance. Precision scalloped serrations and wide, compact blade cut cleanly and quickly. Razor-sharp, deeply-beveled serrations penetrate tough-skinned tomatoes, onions and eggplants, without crushing or tearing. Slice baguette bread, bagels and hard-crust rolls. Slice apples, strawberries, mangoes or cube melon. Wider spine for greater heft and proportionate balance to slice breakfast chorizo, salami and sausage. Easily slice sandwiches, with crisp clean edges for restaurant-quality presentation . Hollow-edge multi-prep knife creates pockets of air to instantly release foods. Razor-sharp to slice thick-skinned vegetables, without crushing. Slice delicate strawberries, kiwi or apricots, without bruising. Wider spine for greater heft and proportionate balance to julienne or chiffonade. Mince herbs for dressings, sauces and casseroles . Wusthof's own precision-forged high-carbon steel retains a sharp edge longer. Precision laser-controlled edge ensures a consistent blade angle. Wusthof signature bolster and full tang provides superior strength, control and maneuverability. Ergonomic handle. Triple-compression rivets for long-life durability. Handmade in Germany since 1814, Wusthof cutlery is prized by the world's top chefs
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