Wusthof Gourmet Fish Fillet Knife with Sheath

Thin, flexible blade quickly cuts in and around bones and cartilage without tearing meat. The Wusthof Gourmet 7" Fish Fillet Knife features a thin, flexible blade that fillets fish or debones meats with exceptional ease. Fish fillet knife quickly and efficiently cuts in and around bones and cartilage without tearing meat. Handmade in Germany since 1814, Wusthof cutlery is prized by the world's top chefs for restaurant and home cooking. The Gourmet line features a precision-stamped blade of high-carbon stainless-steel that sharpens easily and holds its edge. Compression rivets securely attach the high-impact handle to the full tang for superior balance and maneuverability. Includes a leather sheath for convenient fit on a waist belt or for safe storage. Product Features
  • Precision-stamped blade of high-carbon stainless-steel ensures long-lasting sharpness
  • Thin, flexible blade handily cuts in and around bones and cartilage
  • Stainless-steel blade resists rust and stains
  • Ergonomically designed knife handle offers a smooth, comfortable grip
  • Synthetic polypropylene handle is resistant to high heat and high impact
  • Handle is triple-riveted to a stainless-steel tang for better balance and maneuverability
  • Leather sheath conveniently fits on a waist belt or safely stores knife
  • Dishwasher-safe, but hand washing recommended
  • Limited lifetime warranty
$90 $69.95