Yves Saint Laurent Pure Chromatics Wet & Dry Eyeshadow Palette

Extreme and edgy, the YSL girl pushes the limits of color with PURE CHROMATICS, a new generation of eye shadows. She dares to wear this palette of romantic purples and mysterious gold jewel tones.

Through the magic of water and a revolutionary new process, Yves Saint Laurent pushes the limits of color with Pure Chromatics, a new generation of eye shadows. Real makeup artist magic is made easy with emblematic harmonies that captivate the eyes.

The Power of Water
Pure Chromatics uses a new water-process technology—exclusive to YSL. It is the latest discovery in color for pigments more intense and dramatic than ever before!

Use wet for a chromatic transformation. Expect the unexpected. Water enhances color pigments in Pure Chromatics. When used wet, the water activates the pigments and gives full intensity to their color. The effect is the satiny powder transforms into a luxurious cream while pearls shine with a metallic finish.

The four-color palette comes encased in a limited-edition jewel-like compact with the signature YSL logo.
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