Zwilling Bob Kramer by 6-Piece Sharpening Kit

This Japanese-made, 6-piece sharpening kit was designed to meet Bob Kramer's rigorous expectations for quality to help you hone andpreserve the cutting edge of kitchen cutlery through proper maintenance and sharpening.
  • Bob Kramer by Zwilling® 6-Piece Sharpening Kit is designed to let you hone and preserve the cutting edge of kitchen cutlery through proper storage and sharpening
  • Includes:
  • #400 grit sharpening stone for repairing or changing cutting edge
  • #1000 grit sharpening stone for fine sharpening
  • #5000 grit sharpening stone for extra-fine finishing and polishing
  • Adjustable bamboo whetstone sink bridge to create a sturdy workstation for sharpening
  • Cleaning stone for polishing the sharpening stones after use to return them to like-new condition
  • Instructional DVD
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