A quick tour of ShopSense's brand new look

ShopSense just got a fresh look and new dashboard additions to help you monetize your blog! The new ShopSense dashboard offers data about your best-performing retailers, categories, and products so you can choose content that resonates best with your readers. You can also find the best time and best social network to optimize your links. 

A quick tour of your new ShopSense dashboard:

  1. Start by selecting a date range in the top right corner to see earnings from the last week, month, or custom period. 
  2. You can toggle between All Earnings and Social Earnings to drill down and see earning details across Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and your blog. 
  3. The Best Performers section of the dashboard shows you top-performing stats from your blog. Start by choosing a date range, then find out what your readers click on the most. 
  4. The pie charts on the top of the Best Performers section show you the most popular categories, weekdays, and social networks where you share ShopSense links. 
  5. The Top Brands, Top Retailers, and Top Products charts show the brands, retailers, and products that are the most popular among your readers.  
  6. Check the Best Performers dashboard regularly to learn about trends and products that resonate the most with your readers.