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Janod Farm Stacking Block Tower
Janod Farm Stacking Block Tower 

From Janod, these 5 adorebly illustrated cubes stack on top of one another and inside each other. Each cube portrays a different home for each animal with an actual wooden figure to match each cube. Pyramid Combined Dimensions 8.6"x4.7"x21.2" Final Sale Ages 12-36Months Based in France, for the past 40 years Janod has been crafting a range of children's educational toys. They offer a lovely selection of beautiful wooden toys, puzzles and other toys that have a wonderful modern design. Janod's toys are beautifully designed with bright bold colours and children's learning in mind.nbsp;

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Count & Stack Numbered Counting Blocks
Count & Stack Numbered Counting Blocks 

Connect a circus train, or build a skyscraper with the Count & Stack Number Block set, all while learning how to count. This set from Uncle Goose is great for motor coordination development and well as kicking your child’s imagination into full gear. 10 1.75" cubes (44mm). Recommended for ages 2+. Made in the USA for the past 30 years, Uncle Goose is the world's premier manufacturer of wooden alphabet blocks. A company in love with design, learning and creativity, Uncle Goose's blocks are handmade in Michigan by a small group of artisans using local basswood and a colorful array of non-toxic inks. Sure to be a hit with both children and parents, their classic blocks will be enjoyed by generations for years to come.

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Plan Toys First Shape Sorter
Plan Toys First Shape Sorter 

You can't believe your little one is growing up, well maybe not yet, but it is time for their First Shape Sorter. Match the basic shapes and colors to their holes. Grip handle design for easy use. Final Sale. Ages: 12 months & up

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Plan Toys Stacking Bear
Plan Toys Stacking Bear 

Build the colorful bear by stacking and matching the blocks with the corresponding grooves. Ages: 18 Months+

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Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons
Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons 

We LOVE these cute, stackable, heart shaped crayons! Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons is the amazing stackable crayon set all in one crayon. Each heart has a single colored crayon and is totally interchangeable from the rest. Mix and match the 12 color hearts so you can make your own unique Heart to Heart crayon. And each crayon comes with a fine point so you can make all sorts of detailed coloring projects. And for extra fun, you can mix and match crayons with your friends to make all sorts of fun Heart to Heart stacking creations. Stackable Heart Shaped Crayons 12 Crayons in One Fine Tipped Crayons for Detailed Coloring Completed Set is 8.25” Long This California based stationary and art supply company produces unique products that lets kids show off their creativity.Their fun products come in bright, fun colors and innovative packaging that make them a standout.

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