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As one of the more recognized fashion brands in the world, it is little wonder that women have been flocking to buy Burberry backpacks for decades. The brand itself was established in London back in 1856 as a part of a British luxury fashion house. While they still design fashionable trench coats and various accessories, backpacks have become one of their best selling product lines in recent years. Modeled with their iconic checkered-pattern logo, Burberry backpacks are made from a range of durable materials that are meant to look great and last for a long time.

Burberry backpacks have been a hit online, first entering the market in the United States, following by the United Kingdom in the last quarter of 2006. The rest of the European Union jumped on the bandwagon in 2007, and women have been seen toting these most fashionable of bags in earnest ever since. From the early days of the modern-day photograph that made advertising possible, Burberry has had famous photographers highlighting its brands. This has turned into some iconic promotional materials through the years, featuring some of the biggest celebrity endorsers out there.

Beyoncé was recently spotted with the Burberry Milverton Satchel, while Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift can’t seem to get enough of the Bridle Bag. This means that Burberry backpacks will draw in the attention at nearly any social event. With a number of different bags coming in at various price ranges, there is one available for nearly any budget. The material is top grade, and each backpack is designed to suit a number of purposes. You can choose from duffels and totes, or evening bags and backpacks to be worn around town. The range of color that Burberry has implemented into each collection is rather astounding as well. You will want to buy a few to match with various outfits.