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RMK Eyeshadow brush D
RMK Eyeshadow brush D 

The eyeshadow brush D from RMK features a removable brush head which is easily swapped for the applicator tip or another brush head refill (available separately). Made from horse hair.RMK Eyeshadow Brush D

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RMK Customise make-up case A
RMK Customise make-up case A 

RMK have created a customisable make up case that allows you to create your own combination of shades. Mix and match eyeshadows and cheek contours for effortless touch ups on the go.RMK Customise case AThree different combinations are possible: 4 eye shadows, 2 eye shadows and 1 cheek colour; or 2 cheek colours

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RMK Sponge
RMK Sponge 

A foundation sponge specially designed for UV Powder Foundation. It's fine champagne like, soft texture delivers an even application of powder foundation.RMK Sponge

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RMK Make-up sponge
RMK Make-up sponge 

This sponge from RMK has a gliding and smooth texture that will bring out the best of the natural glow of the powder foundation. It catches and fits the foundation perfectly to your skin for even application.RMNK Sponge

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RMK Eyelash Curler
RMK Eyelash Curler 

This sophisticated curler creates an impressive and lasting curl to otherwise ordinary lashes. With a wider curve that fits along the eye frame, a new resilient rubber pad and stable handles, it lets you easily form fabulously curvaceous lashes right from the root with just one grasp.RMK eyelash curler

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RMK Eyeshadow brush A
RMK Eyeshadow brush A 

The eyeshadow brush A from RMK is recommended for making gradations and applying colours evenly, and to long lasting effect, over the whole area of your eye. Made from horse hair. RMK Eyeshadow Brush A

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RMK Foundation Brush
RMK Foundation Brush 

Designed to be used with liquid, cream and gel type foundations, the Foundation Brush from RMK applies product both evenly and easily onto skin. Perfect for achieving your desired finish, you can freely adjust the texture and coverage of your base with this innovative tool. Meanwhile, the fine bristles are resilient and soft to the touch leaving you with a lustrous, smooth looking complexion, instantly. RMK Foundation brushApplication: Designed to be used with liquid, cream and gel type foundations to your desired finish

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RMK Eyeshadow brush B
RMK Eyeshadow brush B 

With its luxurious goat hair, the eyeshadow brush B from RMK is great for gently smudging colours. Create a natural look quickly. Made from 100 percent top quality goat hair.RMK Eyeshadow Brush B

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RMK Powder Foundation Brush
RMK Powder Foundation Brush 

RMK's Powder Foundation Brush is crafted with fine goat hair bristles, designed to apply powder evenly to create a flawless airy finish.RMK Powder Foundation BrushGoat hair bristles

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RMK Liner brush B
RMK Liner brush B 

The brush tip of RMK's Liner brush B is cut at an angle, making it good for filling in gaps between eye lashes, and also for drawing sharp lines. Can also be used as an eyebrow brush. RMK Liner Brush B

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RMK Liner brush A
RMK Liner brush A 

The rounded corners of this liner brush from RMK make it easy to smudge eyeliner.RMK Liner Brush A

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RMK 3D Finish Nude Case
RMK 3D Finish Nude Case 

Designed exclusively for the 3D Finish Nude Refills, this compact case from RMK allows you to customise your own kit with ease. Boasting a slim, stylish design, it comes with a handy brush for expert application of your favourite products. Unfold it to apply foundation evenly to the whole of your face, or keep it in half to attend smaller areas such as the nose, troubled spots or for highlighting. RMK 3D Finish Nude CaseMade for use with 3D Finish Nude Refills Includes brush

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RMK Eyeshadow brush C
RMK Eyeshadow brush C 

Carefully shaped and well rounded, the eyeshadow brush C from RMK allows you to blend eye shadow in evenly. Also suitable for use around the nose. Made from 100 percent top quality goat hair.RMK Eyeshadow brush C

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RMK Face colour brush
RMK Face colour brush 

Made from the finest mountain goat hair by famed artisans in Japan, the Face Color brush by RMK has been designed with calculated curves and angles for the ultimate facial contour fit with ease of use and professional results in mind. The brush will pick up just the right amount of powder when blending and will polish up the finish on application.RMK Face Color brush

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RMK Eyeshadow brush F
RMK Eyeshadow brush F 

The shape of this RMK eyeshadow brush makes designing eye make up easy. It can be used for powder or cream eye shadows.RMK Eyeshadow brush F

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RMK Foundation case
RMK Foundation case 

Designed to house the UV Powder Foundation, this sleek RMK Foundation Case has two compartments for foundation and an applicator sponge. The compact mirror makes it perfect for on the go touch ups.RMK Foundation CaseFoundation refill sold separately

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