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Martha Stewart Bedding

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Martha Stewart is one of the world's foremost style gurus. Over the last twenty years, her understanding of style has helped propel her to national prominence. Many people today look to her brand for ways to enjoy effortless style. From recipes that make it easy to prepare the ideal array of appetizers to understated yet elegant table linens, she is one of the world's most admired women. One place where many look to her for advice is when decorating their bedroom. As Stewart reminds her fans, this is one area that needs special care to help make it a welcome retreat from daily life.

Using Color

One of the hallmarks of Martha Stewart bedding is the use of color. For example, the Martha Stewart Suri Flowers Standard Sham is all about using many varied shades of blue to help create an overall pleasing look. Another example of the Martha Stewart bedding use of vivid color for the bedroom can be seen here in the King Comforter Bedding Set Poppy Red Flower. Red takes center stage and serves a background for the use of other colors. The net result is bedding that is full of warmth and lots of life.

Creating a Stylish Look

Martha Stewart bedding, like her many other products, is all about being able to take a plain space and transform it well. Each bedding item is carefully chosen to adhere to her design principles. Every item for sale is about making a statement that is modern but also full of old-fashioned comfort. Those who are looking for bedding that is not only beautiful but also practical and easy to have around find that her bedding choices make the ideal choice for any kind of bedroom from a guest bedroom to one that is used every single day.