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Hermès has been bringing luxury into customers' lives since the 1830s. Thierry Hermès started the company as a maker of harnesses for horses. His clients were members of the Parisian aristocracy. Soon enough, the company was even making saddles for Russia's czar. An expansion into leather goods for people made a logical next step. Hermès still is known for its fine leather accessories, such as belts, bags, and shoes. In the early 20th century, Hermès became the first company in France to use the zipper for clothes and accessories. Despite this early knack for innovation, Hermès famously eschewed the use of artificial, man-made materials in its goods for decades. While nylons and polyesters were hallmarks of the 1970s for most fashion houses, Hermès continued to hold out against synthetics. Even now, Hermès is best known for its silks and leather goods. These materials are still used in its accessories like women's scarves and belts.

Women's belts by Hermès are iconic for a reason. Hermès makes something for every price point, and their H belts price is accessible for many budgets. Reversible leather H belts have been popular for years. The H belts price starts in the low to mid hundreds, making it one of the most affordable leather goods produced by Hermès. The buckle is minimalist yet makes a bold statement. H belt kits are popular with successful young professionals. Other women's belt designs are more playful. Toggle belts evoke a nautical theme and come in bright, fun colors. Compared to the H belts price, other Hermès goods are much more expensive. Collier de chien belts, based on studded dog collars, start at over $1,000. Hermès is unique in combining attention to detail and quality materials with a sense of humor. Hermès women's belts offer something for every woman who likes to add a wink to her style.