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Hourglass No. 4 Crease Brush
Hourglass No. 4 Crease Brush 

Enjoy the effects of a luxury makeup brush that gives an elegant and precise finish with the Hourglass Crease Brush. This eyeshadow brush is specifically designed for the application of product to the crease of the eyelid, offering precision contouring and shading. The slightly elongated bristles help with the blending process, and the brush tip is shaped to fit neatly into the eyelid crease. The eyeshadow looks resulting from the use of this crease brush evoke a professional makeup quality. Blending and shading with the help of this brush easily creates smoky or subtle eyes for a polished look that can see anyone from day to night. The Hourglass Crease Brush is vegan-friendly thanks to its soft Taklon bristles. A luxurious metal-handled brush to apply shadow within the crease for depth. The tapered top fits perfectly in the contours of the eyes and the slightly elongated shape creates well-blended results. The brush's luxuriously soft, PETA-approved, Takelon bristles are made from high-grade synthetic fibers to maximize product coverage and avoid potential allergic reactions to animal fur. Key Benefits: Bristles are made from high-quality Taklon Metal weighted handles for ultimate control when blending Useable with powder, liquid or cream products PETA-approved with no animal hair Easy to clean

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Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush
Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush 

Achieve a fresh-faced, blooming complexion with Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush. This emerald green cream blush transforms into a shade of rosebud pink that perfectly matches your skin. The sheer, gel-cream formula is highly buildable and provides a natural rosy blush with a soft sheen. It reacts to the warmth and pH of the skin to create a rosebud pink shade unique to the complexion of the wearer. Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush contains natural oils such as avocado, jojoba and olive, as well as shea butter and vitamin E, and can be conveniently applied with either fingers or a brush. A year after the world fell in love with the sensational, sell-out green lipstick that transforms into your own flattering shade of rosebud pink, Lipstick Queen brings you Frog Prince Cream Blush with the same pH reacting, color-changing technology. With its petal-soft texture and translucent finish, this silky, gel-cream formula brings a natural, rosy flush to the cheeks despite its astonishing lily pad green appearance. This unique color is subtle yet highly buildable, with a soft sheen for a flattering, cheek-sculpting effect. Natural oils ensure skin remains soft and moisturized. Key Benefits: Emerald green shade transforms to rosebud pink Contains natural oils including avocado, jojoba and olive Customised colour in a sheer, gel-cream formula Dewy, natural finish Highly-buildable flattering shade of pink, uniquely matched to wearer

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Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush
Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush 

Create a breath-taking blush with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, an innovative blend of Ambient Lighting Blush powder and modern shades. Cheek colours are vivid and luminous, providing seamless colour. This blush is easy to apply and lightweight, yet provides lasting radiance. Using photo-luminescent technology, this blush has more depth and dimension. As the powders are hand-made, no two are the same, but boast a perfect balance between powder and pigment. The finish is buildable and radiant. For best results apply with the No. 2 Foundation/Blush brush, swirling the entire compact to achieve the desired pigmentation. This blush is free from parabens, gluten, fragrance, talc, nanoparticles, and animal cruelty. Available in stunning hues, this blush will complement all skin tones. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush works to create a vivid, luminous look in an easy-to-apply lightweight formula available in a spectrum of stunning, modern hues. Key Benefits: Buildable colour Seamless, soft finish Added depth and dimension through photo-luminescent technology Hand-made powders

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush 

Enjoy dynamic, seamless colour with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, a comprehensive blush that brings together the amazing lighting effects of Ambient Lighting Powder with astounding hues. This blush is highly pigmented and works to blur direct light to create a wonderfully soft glow. Unlike conventional blush powders, this Hourglass formula creates vivid cheeks that are never dull or one-dimensional. Photo-luminescent technology works to deliver depth and vivacious colour. This blush is hand-blended using the renowned miscelare technique, and works to provide a vivid finish that complements and enhances the entire complexion. This blush is excellent in combination with all other Ambient Lighting products. Apply with the No. 2 Foundation/Blush Brush after swirling it across the entire compact to collect the desired blend of powder and pigments. Discover a new way to blush: This groundbreaking hybrid combines the customized lighting effects of Ambient® Lighting Powder with a spectrum of breathtakingly modern hues. The result is seamless, soft-focus and multidimensional color. Features & Benefits: • Ambient® Lighting Blush fuses universally flattering Ambient® Lighting Powders with vivid cheek colors, creating airy, lightweight hybrid blushes that provide seamless, soft-focus, multidimensional color. • While traditional blush can tend to be flat, Ambient® Lighting Blush uses Photoluminescent Technology to exhibit depth and dimension. • The hand-made powders are formulated using an advanced miscelare technique—which means “to mix” in Italian—creating the perfect balance of pigment and powder, and no two look alike. • Delivers a natural radiant finish with buildable color and complements all Ambient® Lighting products. Available in 7 shades: • DIM INFUSION: A subdued coral blush fused with Dim Light to add warmth • DIFFUSED HEAT: A vibrant poppy blush combined with Diffused Light for a subtle halo effect • LUMINOUS FLUSH: A champagne rose blush fused with Luminous Light to evoke a candlelit glimmer • RADIANT MAGENTA: A golden fuchsia blush combined with Radiant Light for a summer glow • MOOD EXPOSURE: A soft plum blush fused with Mood Light to brighten the complexion • ETHEREAL GLOW: A cool pink blush fused with Ethereal Light for a moonlit luminosity • INCANDESCENT ELECTRA: A cool peach blush blended with Incandescent Light for a celestial glow Key Benefits: Lightweight formula for a seamless finish Blush looks distinctive thanks to its hand-blended formula Can be used in combination with other products for a unique look Professional looking and easy to apply Produces a soft glow in one step

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Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Blush
Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Blush 

An innovative blush trio that blends pearl, satin and matte finishes for a multidimensional cheek. The richly pigmented, lightweight formula glides evenly onto skin without streaking. Available in four modern, must-have shades. Colors, contours and illuminates the cheeks. The spectrum of colors and finishes within each shade allow you to personalize your blush look from natural looking to a powerful pop of color. An innovative blush trio that blends pearl, satin and matte finishes for a multidimensional cheek. The richly pigmented, lightweight formula glides evenly onto skin without streaking. Available in four modern, must-have shades.

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Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush
Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush 

Get blush that perfectly matches the skin’s tone with the help of Lipstick Queen Blush. This colour morphing blush works in the same way as Lipstick Queen’s colour morphing lipsticks, by reacting to the skin’s pH to create a shade that complements the skin’s tone. Rich in natural oils, including jojoba and avocado oils, this blush from Lipstick Queen is formulated with shea butter and antioxidant vitamin E, providing a silky texture. With a sheer finish, the blush is highly buildable to achieve the depth of colour desired. It works to impart a natural, dewy finish to the cheeks. Lipstick Queen Blush works to create a unique shade that is perfect for the complexion of the wearer. Lipstick Queen Blush is a colour morphing blush that adapts with the skin’s pH to complement the skin’s tone while imparting a natural, dewy finish. Key Benefits: Colour morphs to complement the skin tone Provides sheer coverage Formulated with natural oils Works to give a natural, dewy finish to the cheeks Highly buildable formula

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Chantecaille Cheek Shade Refill
Chantecaille Cheek Shade Refill 

Renew or replace favourite makeup products with ease by using the Chantecaille Cheek Refill, an elegant solution which uses a clever system of magnets to snap into place in existing compacts. Whether choosing to see what a new colour might look like or if deciding to stick with reliable and trusted favourites, this is an ingenious product that also cuts down on waste. Chantecaille's environmentally friendly approach is mirrored in the formulation of their products, which are derived almost exclusively from botanical ingredients and let your kin experience the best of what nature has to offer. This wonderful blusher offers superb depth of colour and all-day staying power. Easy to apply with brush or fingers, this great product will always leave you looking great. Replace old makeup in the most eco-friendly way with the magnetically-backed Chantecaille Cheek Refill, a designer product which uses natural botanicals to deliver smooth, even colour. Key Benefits: Environmentally friendly renewal solution Botanically-derived ingredients Intense pigments for lasting colour Smooth and even matte effect Easy to brush on and blend

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Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek Collection
Chantecaille Philanthropy Cheek Collection 

This collection of Chantecaille's celebrated cheek shades features six embossed compacts that benefit their favorite conservation efforts, from Monarch butterflies, which kick-started their passion for philanthropy and protecting endangered species, to coral reefs and wild horses. Made using finely milled pigments that contribute to the exquisite colours and a feather weight texture that brushes on lightly and blends seamlessly, each Cheek Shade leaves a gorgeous veil of flushed colour.Butterfly (Bliss): Light with soft rosy undertones. Supports the Monarch Butterfly SanctuaryBee (Emotion): A golden coral. Supports the Xerces SocietyElephant (Smitten): A soft peach. Supports the the David Sheldrick Wildlife TrustCoral (Laughter): A warm peachy pink. Supports the Marine Conservation Biology InstituteTurtle (Grace): A deep apricot. Supports WIDECASTHorse (Joy): A playful pink. Supports the American Wild Horse Campaign

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by Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush
by Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush 

Get a just-pinched youthful glow with the By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush, a makeup for cheeks that applies effortlessly. Expect a highly-pigmented sweep of powder to the cheeks, along with a reduction in the appearance of imperfections. Created using the brand’s unique Densiliss technology, By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Blush includes micro-pigments of colour, along with Flawless Time-Control prisms which provide a soft-focus effect and last throughout the day. Once in place, the product sets to a fresh-looking finish that flatters the face and uplifts the cheekbones. If you are seeking a natural look, for the best results sweep on using a brush, working from the apple of your cheek right up to the temples. To create definition, suck in your cheeks then sweep the blush in backward motion underneath the cheekbone. Youthful radiance powder blush, lumi-pefecting blush, naturally defined contour This sumptuous powder blush floods the complexion with a freshly-pinched youthful flush. Exclusive light-reflecting Densiliss technology harnesses a potent cocktail of pure High Colour micro-pigments and FTC - Flawless Time-Control - soft focus prisms to deliver smoothing correction and a morning-fresh glow that lasts all day long. The luxuriously soft, silky powder sets to a perfectly plumped, natural-looking finish that sculpts and graces the contours of the cheekbones. The precision brush guarantees effortless application and blending. Key Benefits: Natural silky matte finish Easy-to-use brush for efficiency Sculpts and contours Light-reflective technology for a youthful complexion Comes in sleek compact with mirror

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