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Founded by the legendary Coco, Chanel is one of the most famous fashion houses in the world. Chanel is the brand that allowed women to abandon the corset. Chanel popularized the now-classic little black dress. This company's chain bag straps and intertwined CC logo have become iconic. And over the past 90-plus years, Chanel No 5 has become perhaps the most widely recognized fragrance in the world. It all began as a shop where Coco Chanel sold hats. Eventually, the brand expanded to clothing and other accessories.

Chanel boots from the 2015 collection are among the best-looking and highest-quality footwear on the market. The collection includes classics like the knee-high, black patent leather boot. Logos are typically small and tasteful, although sometimes a larger version is used to dramatic effect. Many of the designs reference old-school fashions of the early 1900s. Others create the unusual, dramatic silhouettes that fashionistas live for.

Chanel boots 2015 are typically made of leather or suede, but other materials are sometimes often used. Often they're chosen for their interesting texture. Examples include the Fantasy faux fur boot, which is perfect for a ski weekend. There's also the Velvet Chelsea ankle boot, with its luxurious feel. A Tweed Overlay boot is a nice twist on the British influences that have come to define Chanel's look. One of Coco Chanel's earliest investors was the British polo player, Boy Capel.

Chanel boots 2015 most often come in browns and blacks. There are, however, some very colorful entries. One of the most eccentric offerings is the hippie-inspired Tie-Dye knee-high boot. The shocking pink of the Cap-Toe Over the Knee CC boot is another example. The pale pink of the classic Leather Knee-High boot is another. Suede Cap-Toe Ankle boots are available in a deep, appealing blue. Chanel boots 2015 include something for every woman, whether she's a traditionalist or avant-garde.