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It's all about the Chinese Laundry footwear. When you want a solid, durable brand for the working class, then the Chinese Laundry might be for you. The Chinese Laundry boot has a strong, solid profile. The overall design is not particularly dainty. It looks like it would last for a good long time. Another thing that women might notice with the Chinese Laundry boot is the distinctive toe. While the rest of the boot is somewhat squarish, the toe has a petite triangular look to it. Females can get their smaller petite toes in these boots and look good. The patterns for this boot might surprise some. It starts with the basic black, but adds some very stunning patterns to the mix thereafter.

Women have a variety of lengths for their Chinese Laundry footwear. The design essential linking them all together is the petite triangular toe. The Chinese Laundry boot for full coverage up the knee is the Jerry Women's Boot. Another long-legged, high-stepping version is the Women's Benita Over the Knee Boot. This makes sure that females can protect their entire leg. A smaller ankle high version is the Women’s Jargon Front Zip Bootie. Zip your foot in or out. The Jag Women’s Lace Up Boots have silver studs on them. The Fayme Women’s Boot is white with stars on it. Do you like cut out boots? Chinese Laundry offers the Women's Focus Cut Out Boot. The Benita Winter Boot has a classical look to it with its mink suede color. The Sonya Women’s Boot has a silver reptile pattern. The Chinese Laundry boot looks well-built and durable. There is a blue collar, working class look to the Chinese Laundry boot. They look durable and long-lasting. They take the brunt of any wear and tear, keeping your feet well-protected.