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Dolce Vita is a New York-based fashion brand specializing in footwear and clothing lines. From its launch in 2001, the brand has had an easy-going attitude towards fashion resulting in products that are effortlessly stylish and yet pleasing to people. It has a large, loyal following of fashion-obsessed fans and is a favorite in most boutiques worldwide. Dolce Vita is known for its reasonably priced footwear that is fashion friendly and timeless. Thee brand mainly focuses on adding value to all its products and ensuring they are practical and classy. The Dolce Vita shoes range from the quirky tan sandals, heels, boots and platforms. If you are looking for a Dolce Vita boot, you have a choice of ankle boots or knee length boots.

The brand's higher-end signature footwear and clothing are sold at select department stores, and the products can also be acquired online. The Dolce Vita boot is meticulously described online with visual aids to assist the buyer in making decisions. Currently, the Dolce Vita clothing collection includes everything from slouchy, sporty silk sweatpants to mini dresses and rompers emphasized with a pretty lace.

Many celebrities have endorsed the brand in their acting roles like Haley Dunphy who wore it in a modern family episode, Spencer Hastings in a pretty little liars episode and Cecilia Parekh in New Girl. Jessie James Decker has often also flaunted her Dolce Vita boot in her Instagram feeds. Dolce Vita has maintained a constant streak of creativity and has continued to impress consumers all over the world with its unique designs and timeless products. Dolce vita accredits the muse of its designs to the young and restless generation and thereby giving the product a chic look. The brand is embracing the modern global trends and therefore evolving with new designs, easy to wear apparel and embroidery design to meet new tastes and preferences.