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FitFlop Women's Boots

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FitFlop is a UK footwear brand specializing in ergonomic shoes for men and women. It was founded 10 years ago on the premise that footwear should be comfortable and fashionable. An early endorsement from Oprah Winfrey helped catapult the shoe brand to early fame. Myriad fans around the globe, and a series of stylish fit flop boot and shoe designs, have established FitFlop as one of the coolest new footwear companies on the market.

The brand is most recognized for the distinctive curved arch shape of the fit flop boot. Other signature details include the FitFlop logo - a red rectangle with white lettering - and the toe thong shape on its sandals. Globally, the most popular Fit Flop items are the women's slouchy Loaff boot, the Bumble sandal, and the Superskate leather loafer. The fashion model Heidi Klum and actress Jennifer Garner are just two of the style influencers we've seen wearing these shoes. Uma Thurman recently partnered with FitFlop to design a capsule collection of booties, sandals, and sneakers.

FitFlop says that its footwear is based on science; the iQushion shoe, for instance, are designed to be light and cup the foot. An in-house biomechanist designs the fit flop boot and their other footwear. Consumers like FitFlop for the "wiggle" footbed design.

With several stores in the UK and abroad, FitFlop has grown to be one of the most stylish footwear brands operating today. Every season, the brand launches new iterations of its iconic boots and sandals featuring bold prints, well-placed sparkles, and other unexpected detailing. Marcia Kilgore, the company's founder and creative director, knows what women are looking for in an ergonomic shoe. Whether your style is more uptown chic or downtown cool, there is a fit flop boot for everyone. It doesn't matter which design you pick; each one makes a statement.